Snowdonia Tourist Services Ltd and Visit Wales

We are proud to be part of the Welsh Assembley government's Visit Wales' quest for quality.


All of our properties have been registered with Visit Wales and have been, or will be in the near future, inspected by their grading officer. The Visit Wales and Snowdonia Tourist Services (STS) grading inspections are concerned mainly with the overall quality of the property.

Visit Wales take into consideration the whole package - from the brochure presentation, the quality of the information we provide the guest about the property, key arrangements, welcome on arrival, North Wales cottage notes as well as the quality of the property. Visit Wales have recently changed their criteria, which is resulting in some properties being downgraded for comparatively minor items - which we have recommended our owners to rectify.
There are over 30 categories assessed, starting with first impression of the exterior. All rooms are assessed on space, floor covering, decoration, furnishing, lighting and furniture. Cleanliness, design, general impression are also marked. Items such as dishwashers, freezers, tumble dryers and microwaves influence the Visit Wales grade as do the provision of central heating and the number of WC's.

For the purposes of the STS grade, these items do not influence the grade as they will be listed in the property description if present. The STS grade is designed to give an indication of the property standard which would not be readily determined from the other information provided. In both systems the overall mark determines the grade, but will be moderated by the weakest aspect of the property.
The STS grade is also influenced by every 'Guest Quality Questionnaire Feedback' returned by guests at the property. In this way we believe we can improve and more accurately represent the standards of the properties we recommend.

To help you make your choice, the STS grades indicate the following standards:

STS Grade 5 = Excellent

STS Grade 4 = Very Good

STS Grade 3 = Good

STS Grade 2 = Fair

STS Grade 1 = Simple

Visit Wales percentages are shown on the property pages. Their grades are available on request.

Visit Wales Quality Advisors also inspect our office procedures and brochure for accuracy. At the time of publication, this is what the most recent report from Visit Wales had to say:

"Snowdonia Tourist Services are a professionally run agency that promote an overall excellent standard of service to its clients and customers. A new reception room for present and new clients, offering very comfortable easy seating, is now where the offices were and office staff work upstairs in a modern office environment.

Based in Porthmadog, its staff and partners have extensive knowledge of its existing portfolio and operational areas and enjoy a great deal of repeat business.

Customer care and efficiency is at the forefront of this pro-active company, with considerable investment in information technology in recent months with online bookings about to become 'live'. They offer Virtual Tours to clients so potential holiday-makers can obtain an accurate concept of the property.

An updated brochure is produced every year and this further compliments a very user friendly website, which attracts a considerable amount of hits and allows online enquiries or live bookings."