We invite you to book with us, with confidence.

1. Reservations
The contract of letting is between the Lead Person (i.e., the person who originally made the Booking) and the property Owner (STS Holidays are the owner’s Agents and charge the Owner the Booking Fee plus a Service Charge (for marketing their property etc.) on a percentage basis – details available on request)). Bookings are only accepted subject to availability, to these conditions and by agreement with the Owner. No tenancy can be established during a holiday let. If for reasons other than a COVID Lockdown, that the property booked subsequently becomes unavailable, then a postponement of the holiday may be offered. If this is not acceptable then a suitable alternative property similar to the one originally booked may be offered. If neither solution proves to be acceptable, then a full refund will be provided. STS Holidays and the property owner will not be liable for any losses/damages, etc. suffered by the Guest as a result of the property being unavailable on the day stated. All rents include VAT where applicable. We also reserve the right to change tariffs after publication should this be considered necessary. Any such changes will be made clear prior to the booking being accepted.

2. Initial Payment
The Initial Payment (min. £117) shall be 1/3rd of the Rental Price (see centre pages) plus Cancellation Protection Scheme premium if required (see 4 below). Pet Charges, if applicable will be paid with the Balance. For bookings made 8 weeks or less before the start of the holiday then the full Rental Price, Cancellation Protection Scheme premium if required, Pet Charge if applicable, is due on booking. All bookings are subject to a non-refundable Booking Fee and a Service Charge to the holiday property Owner – the costs of these have already been added to the Rental Prices (note that these charges vary from Booking to Booking and are available upon request). Please pay using a debit or credit card over the phone or pay online through our secure Opayo server. Receipt of the initial payment does not imply acceptance of booking. A confirmation of your booking will be posted or e-mailed to you by return.
Bank Transfers: A £5 admin charge will be levied per bank transfer. An additional £7 is due for all foreign currency transfers to cover the additional bank charges for currency conversion. Please quote your holiday booking reference to the bank and notify us immediately. Payment by others, other than the Lead Person, must be made by cheque or Bank Transfer and there will be an additional charge of £7 per transaction. The Lead Person will be responsible for informing others who are making payments of all the Terms & Conditions.

3. Balance
The Balance of payment is due 8 weeks prior to the start of your holiday. Upon receipt of the Balance, the holiday property address will be issued. The Customer will be deemed to have cancelled the booking if payment of the balance is more than 14 days late. If the Customer subsequently wishes to reinstate the Booking, and providing the property is still available, there would be an Admin Fee of £37. Note that no refund will be given and the customer will still be liable to pay the balance. See paragraph 4 below. Only the Lead Person (who made the Initial Payment) will be allowed to pay the Balance.

4. Cancellations & Our Optional Cancellation Protection Scheme
The Cancellation Protection Scheme protects the Guest against liability to pay the full hire if forced to cancel the holiday due to death, injury, maternity, illness or jury service, of themselves, a close relative or business associate. This only applies if we are notified as soon as possible, no later than midnight prior to arrival. Provided such cancellation is confirmed in writing with signed statement by a medical professional supporting the claim the Rental Price and Pet charge that has been paid to date less the Booking Fee, Cancellation Protection Premiums and any donations to Charity is returned. For reasons other than the above, or for failing to produce the appropriate certificate, the guest remains liable for the Full Balance. Exclusions include Pre-existing conditions, Disinclination to travel, Changing your mind.

The Scheme does not cover claims directly or indirectly resulting from or consequence upon matters such as:
a) The protection does not cover any recurring, chronic or continuing illness, disability or condition of any of the persons covered, for which medical treatment or consultation has taken place during the 12 months preceding the date of booking the holiday.
b) Epidemics or Pandemics (such as COVID-19)
c) Disinclination to travel
d) Failure of public or private transport services, including any Red Weather or Travel Warnings (or similar)
e) Having your holiday leave cancelled by your employer or being called-up for military service (or similar)
f) any other similar issues to those listed above that are not the responsibility’ in any way, of the property Owner or STS Holidays.
The decision of the Agents on all claims will be final.If a guest who has protected all or part of their booking with the STS Holidays Cancellation Protection Scheme wishes to cancel a booking for reasons not covered by the STS Holidays Cancellation Protection Scheme, then every effort will be made by STS Holidays to re-let that week for them (but without obligation). If successful STS Holidays will refund to the guest the rent received for the re-let less a small handling charge. If STS Holidays is unable to re-let, the owner shall be entitled to retain all payments already made and recover any balance of hire charge if not already paid.Guests who have chosen not to protect their holiday with our Cancellation Protection Cover, kindly note that once a booking has been made then we will not be able to refund any money to you AND that you are obliged to pay the balance of the booking even if you cancel or are prevented from coming on holiday. However, we will attempt to re-let and if successful there would be money for you – see below.
We highly recommend that you have some form of holiday insurance to protect your booking. We understand that it is possible for Guests to protect themselves against risks listed in the Exclusions to our Cancellation Protection Scheme, if they were to take out their own holiday/travel insurance with a third party of the Guests choice – but please check what is covered and not covered.
If you have an unprotected holiday, we will as a Gesture of Goodwill, endeavour to help you to try and re-let if you are forced to cancel your holiday or if you are prevented from coming on the holiday in any way. We will undertake to do this but without obligation or guarantee to re-let. If successful then a refund will be issued for a future holiday with STS Holidays – but there will be administrative charges of £25 to cancel and re-advertise. Similarly, if you would wish us to do a Special Offer for that week, there would be an additional £25 charge. These charges and any Special Offer Discount would reduce the money that would be refunded if we were successful in re-letting. Note that if we are unsuccessful in re-letting , and you have not paid the outstanding balance, then you are contractually obliged to pay the outstanding balance.
Cancellation letter to your own insurance companies will incur a £25 admin charge.

5. Alteration of Bookings
Once confirmation of a booking has been sent, if you wish to make small alterations to the details on the booking (e. g. adding to the number of guests, add or remove pets) a £12 admin charge will be due at the time of alteration. If a Customer wishes to Postpone a holiday then this will be treated as an unprotected cancellation. However, subject to the agreement of the Property Owner, a postponement will be allowed subject to a minimum £50 admin fee. See para 4.

6. Liability
Bookings are made on the understanding that occupancy is for holiday purposes only unless otherwise agreed, and is only for the period of time agreed. The Guests’ rights to occupy the property will be immediately forfeited without compensation if:
a) More people or pets than specified in our description, or as stated on the Confirmation of Booking, attempt to occupy the property.
b) Overnight guests are entertained without the Owner’s permission.
c) The Guest or their pet causes damage, noise, unreasonable disturbance or general bad conduct.
d) Smoking inside the property will incur a £100 refreshing charge.
The owner, his representative or STS Holidays must be allowed access to inspect the property if there are suspicions of the above.

7. Letting
Letting is from Saturday 5.00 pm (17:00 hr) to Saturday 10.00 am unless otherwise stated or arranged through STS Holidays and/or the owner. At least 10 days prior to arrival, unless stated otherwise guests should contact the Owner regarding their expected time of arrival. In all cases, properties must be vacated by 10.00 am on the day of departure unless stated differently in the property description.

8. Good Housekeeping Deposit
Guest may be requested to furnish a RETURNABLE deposit, normally £100. Your credit / debit card will be pre-authorised and in the absence of a claim, the pre-authorisation / cheque will be deleted or destroyed. Our experience shows that this procedure results in all round better holidays for everyone, as guests fully respect the properties and so make manageable the process of preparing the property for the next guest. Missing or broken items, replacements or repairs must be reported without delay to the Owner or STS so that immediate correction can be made and disputes over who caused the damage can be eliminated. Any payment for fuel, breakages, damage, extra cleaning etc. must be generously and adequately compensated. If the cost of the breakages/damage/extra cleaning exceeds the returnable Good Housekeeping deposit amount then the owner may claim for the difference. The Guest must leave the holiday accommodation in the same condition as it was found e.g. empty internal bins, clean and put away dishes etc, wipe work surfaces, hoover carpets etc. Excessive cleaning costs can be charged to the Guest. Smoking in the property will result in a £100 refreshing charge.

In the event of a claim by the owner against a guest, STS reserves the right to charge in addition to any other monetary claim by the owner, a minimum of £20 + VAT Admin Fee to cover the time and effort to check that the claim is legitimate, and to administer the charge.

Security Deposits are automatically pre-authorised 7 days prior to check in and cleared after your booking if no claim has been made by the Owner. STS will not make a claim against a security deposit without communicating with guests first.

9. Damage caused by Guests
If damage occurs to the Property as a result of the actions of Guests during the stay, where the extent of that damage is so severe that the Owner must (in their sole opinion) cancel and/or refund subsequent bookings, the Owner may bring a claim against you for any loss arising as a result, including the cost of refunding other guests affected by cancelled Bookings and any additional administrative fees incurred in respect of the same.

10. Descriptions
We have compiled the information in our brochure as accurately as possible. However, we advise the Guest to verify any essential feature in the description with STS before booking. It is important that when a cot is stated as supplied free of charge that the Guest checks with the Owner as to its suitability. In the event of facilities or equipment being withdrawn or altered, please contact the owner (or STS, if you are unable to contact the owner). Every reasonable effort will be made to rectify the problem. The Guest is advised to confirm in writing to STS any verbal information imparted by STS, or owners, that the guest deems to be important. Reasonable access must be allowed to enable owners’ to maintain their properties.

11. Guests with Special Requirements
Some single storey properties may have some steps leading to the property or a single step inside the property. Please check details of suitability when you book, especially if wheelchair access is essential. We cannot guarantee suitability unless you include written confirmation about any special requirements (including dog hair allergies) with your booking. We cannot offer a refund if the property you have booked is not suitable because you didn’t check before booking.

12. EV Charging
Properties with dedicated charging points are advertised with the EV charging points filter. If a property does not have a dedicated charging point you must not charge your car at the property and we recommend that you use nearby charging stations.

Charging of Electric Scooters, Electric Bikes and Electric Skateboards is prohibited in STS Holidays properties.

13. Hot Tubs & Swimming Pools Where Provided
All instructions, rules and procedures at the property must be followed. No unsupervised solo use or unsupervised use by children. Hot tubs not to be used by pregnant women and not to be used under the influence of alcohol.

Private Swimming Pools: It is to be used by the guests staying at property only. There is no lifeguard provided so please be aware that children will need to be supervised by a responsible adult. No diving allowed. Please follow all rules at the property with regards use of the pool.

Swimming Pool at Glan Gwna Holiday Park: Follow all rules at Glan Gwna regarding use of the pool which is for people staying at Glan Gwna only – no guests without permission from Glan Gwna.

14. Complaints
In the event of a complaint regarding a property, the matter should always be taken up with the Owner or STS immediately. Reasonable time must be allowed for the Owner to rectify a complaint or to meet any reasonable requests by the Guest. If this is not possible or satisfaction is not obtained, then you or the owner should telephone our office as soon as possible. Unless we are completely satisfied with the nature of the complaint, then an alternative can only be offered by STS with the owner’s consent. We regret that we are very limited in what we can do once you have left the property & STS must be given opportunity to offer an alternative property etc.

15. Pets
The charge for pets has not been automatically included in the competitive rents of our properties, however, many of our owners welcome dogs at an extra charge of £20/pet for the holiday. The Guest is responsible for declaring all pets at time of booking. Cats or any other pets are not accepted without prior permission. For the benefit of all guests, pet owners must observe the following common sense requests:
a) Pets must be kept under control at all times
b) Pets must not be left alone in the property or outside the property for extended periods
c) Please bring a basket or box for your pet to sleep in – pets must not be allowed on the beds or furniture
d) All fouling of lawns etc, must be removed immediately and all pet hairs must be cleared up before leaving
e) Please ensure that your pet has been wormed and is free of fleas
f) Any damage caused must be paid for in addition to the £20 pet charge

16. Fire Safety
Smoking is prohibited within all of our properties. Candles and tealights are forbidden within all of our properties.

17. Bookings made via Other Platforms (OTAs).
The Terms & Conditions of the agency that was used to make the booking will take precedence over the terms & conditions listed here.