Pets & Dogs are welcome and allowed in most of our Welsh holiday properties and they are welcome to enjoy most of Snowdonia’s mountains and beaches. Some beaches have dog free zones in the bathing season which is between April and September. Dogs are welcome outside these zones on the miles of sandy beaches, sand dunes which are away from the more popular areas. Dogs and Pets are also allowed in many of our holiday accommodation properties for Christmas and New Year Breaks.

For the comfort of all our guests we ask dog owners to follow our common sense Pet Rules on our Terms and Conditions page.

There is a one off extra charge of £20 for each pet for the duration of your stay. This is to help owners towards the wear and tear and extra cleaning after some pet owners. Each year some owners who accept pets have a bad experience and sadly withdraw this facility from future pet owning guests. Please be considerate when bringing your pet and try and leave the property just as you find it – and it will be there to welcome you when you return next time.