If booking a holiday with STS Holidays from 15th January 2021 onwards:

In the event of a legally enforced Government "Lockdown" or other legally enforced COVID Regulation affecting your holiday (for Regulations that prevent all members of the party coming on holiday then see below), then you can either have a credit note for the full amount paid for a future holiday or a refund less Booking Fee, less Cancellation Protection (if taken out), and less any charitable donations (if made).

The Booking Contract is between the Lead Person (i.e. the person who originally made the Booking) and the holiday property Owner. If there is legally enforced regulation that stops all of the planned party from coming on holiday but still allows a smaller party to come on the holiday then the options in A.1 apply plus the option of negotiating an acceptable reduction in price (agreed both by Lead Person and Owner). If an Owner, in anticipation of your large party not being allowed, cancels your holiday preemptively (so as to re-advertise it again for a smaller party) there would be a full refund.

If you already have a holiday booked with us:

If your booking is due to start on or after 30th January 2021 and you are concerned your booking will be affected by Welsh Government restrictions, please bear with us while we await for updated Government guidance. 

Last updated January 15th 2021